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Since I am now also developing for Linux I needed to have the same licensing functionality for both Windows and Linux.

The original OnGuard product was released under the MPL license so porting it to Linux was allowed and fairly easy to do.

With the platform differences and the direction I wanted to go, I decided to create a new project rather than merging my work with the original project.



The actual porting was fairly easy.

There were the usual platform differences (case sensitivity on file names, CLX vs VCL, etc.).

Thankfully there was very little Windows-only code within the original OnGuard product.

After 3 days of playing I finally got the library to work and everything uploaded to sourceforge (50% development, 50% sourceforge since this is my first project on sourceforge).



Files are available from the download section.
These zip files include the precompiled libraries and examples with all the source files.

CVS is also available.
There are two (2) trees in CVS: stable and unstable.
stable = original conversion.
unstable = current development work.
When the development work is frozen and a release made, the stable tree will be updated with the current code.

The manuals and help can be picked up from the original OnGuard project.

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